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12星座 2018年5月16日の運勢は?

 ハッピーになれる12星座毎日占い。開運メッセージ、キーワード、アイテム、アクションなど星座ごとのアドバイス付き。過去20年のオリコン シングルランキング ベスト3の中から毎週の12星座別ラッキーソングも教えてくれる、音楽好きにはたまらないハッピーフォーチュンをご紹介します。


12th Aries × 12位 おひつじ座

You may be a little behind the others struggling to catch up with the change of pace. Calm down.

Lucky song>>MOVIE -JPN ver.-

11th Gemini × 11位 ふたご座

Conserve your energy. Secure a foothold discreetly to make steady progress.

Lucky song>>Opera
SUPER JUNIOR(2012/5/9)

10th Aquarius × 10位 みずがめ座

Make a steppingstone of past experiences and results to get over the wall in front of you.


9th Sagittarius × 9位 いて座

Just dreaming does not get you anywhere. Ground yourself and make a realistic plan.

Lucky song>>Far away
浜崎あゆみ/AYUMI HAMASAKI(2000/5/17)

8th Libra × 8位 てんびん座

Improve your negotiation skill. You can learn a lot through communication with a difficult person.

Lucky song>>DON'T U EVER STOP

7th Leo × 7位 しし座

The way you talk down to others may create a gap between them. Watch your mouth even if you don’t mean it.

Lucky song>>NEVER LET YOU GO

6th Scorpio × 6位 さそり座

You feel pressured by a heavy responsibility at your workplace. Think it as a proof of your credit and try to embrace it.

Lucky song>>Kiss
倉木麻衣/MAI KURAKI(2003/4/30)

5th Pisces × 5位 うお座

A clue seems to be hidden in texts. Read a book on hand to find an answer to your problem.

Lucky song>>Heart/you
福山雅治/MASAHARU FUKUYAMA(1998/4/30)

4th Cancer × 4位 かに座

Transform the crisis into an opportunity. Learn from the wisdom of predecessors and you can make it through. Stop calculating.

Lucky song>>I seek/Daylight

3rd Capricorn × 3位 やぎ座

You will feel confident by practicing. Once you launch a project and set it on the road, the result is guaranteed.

Lucky song>>Real Sexy!/BAD BOYS
Sexy Zone(2013/5/1)

2nd Virgo × 2位 おとめ座

You’ll display your various abilities. Your remarkable direction will raise your expertise to the next level.

Lucky song>>HERO -Japanese ver.-
MONSTA X(2017/5/17)

1st Taurus × 1位 おうし座

It’s a refreshing day. You will have a clear mind and sharp eyesight.

Lucky song>>BRAND NEW SONG
KinKi Kids(2007/4/25)

占い監修者/御瀧政子 (みたきまさこ)
心理研究家。スピリチュアル クリエーター。作家。著書は70冊以上。海外40数カ国へ留学または長期滞在や旅をした経験を生かし、講演での活動やテレビ・ラジオや雑誌、ウェブコンテンツに多数のレギュラーを持つ。

2018/5/16 07:50 配信

12星座の“今日の運勢”とラッキーソングをご紹介! あなたの星座は何位?
12星座の“今日の運勢”とラッキーソングをご紹介! あなたの星座は何位?