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12星座 2018年6月5日の運勢は?

 ハッピーになれる12星座毎日占い。開運メッセージ、キーワード、アイテム、アクションなど星座ごとのアドバイス付き。過去20年のオリコン シングルランキング ベスト3の中から毎週の12星座別ラッキーソングも教えてくれる、音楽好きにはたまらないハッピーフォーチュンをご紹介します。


12th Capricorn × 12位 やぎ座

“Sleep and wait for good luck.” Leave it to fate after doing your best.

Lucky song>>XIAH(Intoxication)
XIAH junsu(2010/5/26)

11th Taurus × 11位 おうし座

People may be disgusted with your behavior that is improper for the occasion. Always show your respect.

Lucky song>>MOON(Moon Crying/That Ain't Cool/Once Again/Lady Go!)
倖田來未/KUMI KODA(2008/6/11)

10th Sagittarius × 10位 いて座

When you are lost in a maze, don’t struggle but return to the starting point.

Lucky song>>Time
KinKi Kids(2011/6/15)

9th Leo × 9位 しし座

You will not be able to handle unexpected circumstances. Act flexibly based on the opinion of others.

Lucky song>>I seek/Daylight

8th Pisces × 8位 うお座

Don’t be deceived by the gap between one’s inside and outside. Develop your insight.

Lucky song>>Prisoner Of Love
宇多田ヒカル/HIKARU UTADA(2008/5/21)

7th Scorpio × 7位 さそり座

An encounter with someone close to you or with similar interests will enlarge your circle of contacts. Expand your horizons.

Lucky song>>Good-bye days
YUI for 雨音薫/YUI for KAORU AMANE(2006/6/14)

6th Cancer × 6位 かに座

It is vital to stay focused all morning to achieve your goal smoothly.

Lucky song>>GLIDER

5th Aries × 5位 おひつじ座

It is important to show your concern for interpersonal relationships. Offer your help for other’s job such as following-up.

Lucky song>>Beautiful World

4th Virgo × 4位 おとめ座

Be a good listener. Communication skills will save you in the end.

Lucky song>>Infinity
GIRL NEXT DOOR(2009/6/10)

3rd Gemini × 3位 ふたご座

You will be frequently approached by your seniors. You should take these offers gratefully.

倉木麻衣/MAI KURAKI(2000/6/7)

2nd Libra × 2位 てんびん座

A world of the unknown will stimulate your curiosity, giving a chance to nurture your sensibility.

Lucky song>>PICK IT UP

1st Aquarius × 1位 みずがめ座

Your random idea may bring about great success. Cast your inspirations into shape.

Lucky song>>Toy(Japanese Version)
Block B(2016/6/15)
占い監修者/御瀧政子 (みたきまさこ)
心理研究家。スピリチュアル クリエーター。作家。著書は70冊以上。海外40数カ国へ留学または長期滞在や旅をした経験を生かし、講演での活動やテレビ・ラジオや雑誌、ウェブコンテンツに多数のレギュラーを持つ。

2018/6/5 07:50 配信

12星座の“今日の運勢”とラッキーソングをご紹介! あなたの星座は何位?
12星座の“今日の運勢”とラッキーソングをご紹介! あなたの星座は何位?